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The Fix for Unmanageable Hair

Hair tools that don't damage your hair

Hey loves I'm absolutely obsessed with the Revlon Oval One Step Volumizing Hair Dryer Brush.  In 15 minutes my hair is manageable, less frizzy and has volume.  My thick wavy hair can take me close to an hour to dry with a normal dryer.  Not to mention that my arm burns from continuously brushing and brushing creating even more damage and frizz.  And after drying my hair with a normal hair dryer it's still not styled and I have to take more time to curl my hair.

Giving up an hour plus a day to do my hair just didn't make sense.  I would skip washing it daily and turn to dry shampoo.  Being a mom boss on the go this wasn't something I could do daily.  I had other things I could spend my time on.  Finding the perfect tool to get my hair manageable, shiny and reducing breakage was a must.

I went live on my Facebook group for my beauty account to show how fabulous this volumizing hair dryer brush really is. 

Less Frizzy Hair and add shine

The Revlon Oval One Step Volumizing Hair Brush is meant to take your wet hair to looking fabulous and styled like you just had a blow out.  If your hair is unmanageable, frizzy, and has no volume then this hair tool is for you.  Give it a try.  I'm obsessed and love washing my hair now knowing it will only take me at max 15 minutes to get a salon look.

What are some hair products that you love?  To keep your hair manageable and looking healthy?

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