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How To Handle The Hair Issue No One Talks About

Is it ok not to wash my hair everyday

Hey Loves!  It's been awhile since my last post.  I've been working on more tutorials for you!  One thing I get asked over and over is how do I find the time to do my hair on the days I don't have it in a bun.  My hair is extremely thick and long and seriously takes me about a good hour to blow dry it out.  If I put my hair up in a bun after a shower it will be wet the next day!  So there's one issue many are afraid to talk about and that is washing their hair daily.

How To Handle The Hair Issue No One Talks About

No matter how much time you put into a hairstyle, nothing ruins the look more than a greasy scalp and flakes.  An easy fix to the situation is to use dry shampoo.  A good dry shampoo will neutralize any product build-up and oil, leaving your hair feeling fabulous.  I've tried several dry shampoos that I didn't care for because it left white specks.  After trial and error over the years, I've finally found the one that takes the cake.  One that instantly refreshes with a light, delicate scent.  See it here

Why Should You Not Wash Your Hair Daily

You may agree or disagree.  My hair gets overdry, flaky and itchy if I was to wash it daily.

For normal hair in terms of oiliness, you could go as long as you can without shampooing in the shower.

Shampooing daily can lead to overdrying hair and breakage.  Only a small few need to wash their hair daily like those who work out heavily, sweating or live where there's high humidity.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

To re-energize your hair add a small amount of the dry shampoo to the roots where dirt and oil accumulate massaging into the scalp.  Dry shampoo works without water so it's travel-friendly.  What I love most, my hair looks like I spend hours washing and styling it giving it volume and texture.

I love the fresh clean hair look without all the hassle.  Don't be afraid that people will think a certain way of you because you don't wash your hair every day.  Whatever your reasons are it's ok to share this hair issue that no one seems to want to talk about.  It's normal.  Try a dry shampoo in between your washes!



What is dry shampoo?  How to handle flaky, oily, and itchy hair.

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