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Beauty Gift Guide

Whether you're looking for a new lip color, a gloss to moisturize, or skin care to get your face glowing again there's a product for you!

I'm a huge beauty junkie and ever since I came across Senegence products I have tossed every other product out the door!  Gift these to your self or if you're feeling festive yes it's okay to give it as a gift.  I know the struggle is real!  Every time I shop I'm always buying for myself too!  I just can't help it!

1.  Fancy Lip Boss Tee is perfect for beauty bosses $15 currently regular price $28 2.  Senegence ShadowSense Creme to Powder Finish with SenePlex Complex Anti-Aging Ingredient  $22 each (gift sets here) 3.  BlushSense $30 - Highly pigmented cream blush that also has SenePlex Complex an Anti-Aging Ingredient 4.  Corrective Concealer $25 Available in Light, Medium, Deep, White, Green and Natural.  5.  More ShadowSense $22 Each - These can be mixed to create the perfect custom shade.  No Creasing.  Long Lasting.  Use them as contour, blush, fill in eyebrows and more.  

6.  Lipsense Lip Kit $55 (Set comes with lip color of choice, Glossy Gloss and Remover).  Last up to 18 hours. Waterproof.  Kiss Proof.  Smudge Proof.  7.  LipSense Lip Colors - Select from up to 50 shades including unicorn Lipsense colors I may still have available.  8.  New Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner $25 Available in Ocean, Starry Sky, and Gilded.  Smear Proof and Budge Proof.  9.  Candlelight ShadowSense $22 and Corrective Concealer $25 - This combo right here will hide dark eye circles, prime your eyelids to get rid of dark discoloration, veins and give a base for your shadows.

These sets will make amazing stocking stuffers, gift exchange or gift ideas for family and friends.  And like I said before you must get one for yourself.  These are all my favorite products and in-expensive when you think about all the benefits you're getting from these products.

Waterproof.  Smudge Proof.  Kiss Proof.  Skin Care built in.  Vegan.  Gluten Free.  No Animal Testing.

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