Senegence Leaders Conference 2017 - With Love Rochelle

Senegence Leaders Conference 2017

Senegence Leaders Conference

Last week I attended a Leaders Conference for distributors ranked Lady and above within the Royal Court for Senegence.  Attending this conference I received advanced training from some of the most successful direct sellers in the industry.

I was skeptical about direct sales marketing prior to joining Senegence.  I had never been a part of a direct sales company and I had so many thoughts running through my head.  I currently own an online boutique, 1108 and have the blog so of course, I had thoughts of...

Will I have time?
How much is it going to cost me?
Will I have to be away from my family?
How will I take on one more thing to my mama life?
What will others think of me?

These are all normal feelings especially when you're taking a leap into something new!  I felt the same way!!!  I was approached by several distributors last year to do a review on the blog and I kept turning them down.  What was I thinking???  The minute I tried Lipsense for the first time I instantly fell in love and signed up that week!

Glam Doll Lipsense

I've learned that I have a career that really works with my lifestyle and with products that really work.  Being in a room of 1500+ women who chose to live life in abundance and then work for it is an amazing feeling.  Walking into the Cox Center for the first time and seeing Senegence signs and quotes everywhere was incredible.  To know that I am a part of a company that truly cares about the success of their distributors is a feeling of happiness.

Leaders 2017

In any business regardless of how successful you become you need to just show up.  I'm so happy that I did because I feel like it lit a fire in me that I knew was there I just needed that extra push.  What got me even more motivated is knowing that Senegence has less than 1% of the female population in each state as a distributor.  With that being said the potential is endless.

  Joni Rogers Kante Lisa Tippen Morris   

Leaders helped me realize that we can't pour from an empty cup we need to put our oxygen mask on according to Amanda Gore one of the trainers at the conference.  We need to journey in personal development finding ourselves.  The story we believe about ourselves determines our success.  We can longer be comfortable and we need to get out of our comfort zones.

98% of people who stay with a direct sales company will be at the top.  The only way to do that is by being consistent and giving yourself grace.  This business at the end of the day is all about sharing ... sharing the love of the products and sharing the opportunity.

A huge eyeopener during the training was learning about DISC.  Prior to the training, we took a DISC test to de-code what type of personality tendencies we have.  It's a test that measures tendencies and preferences, not skills and abilities.  Knowing if we are a D, I, S, or C helps us increase our emotional intelligence to build more effective relationships.  After taking the DISC test I have become more self-aware that my DI personality may come off as demanding and that I'm driven off results.  I've learned that I need to flex my style based on others styles as well.

D Style Tendencies - Strong willed, bold, direct, tough-minded, impatient and forceful.

I Style Tendencies - Enthusiastic, Outgoing, talkative, love meeting new people, freely shows emotions.

S Style Tendencies - Gentle, accommodating, patient, considerate.

C Style Tendencies - Analytical, patient, reserved.

Being a part of this company is such an incredible feeling.  I never feel lost or that there's no one to turn too!  I have so many resources at my fingertips it's insane.  All my skeptical thoughts are gone about being apart of a direct sales company.

Tulsa Oklahoma

After a few short months, I have found my old self again.  I'm no longer in a rut hiding from the world.  When you're a stay at home mom that works from home you lose yourself.  Everything becomes about your family and you don't make time for yourself.  Senegence has helped me become that outgoing person I once knew.  It's crazy but that day when I met with my upline something in my heart just told me to go for it and thank god I did.

Tips on what to pack for Senegence Leaders Conference:

  1. Notebook:  Keep notes all in one place.  They do give you a few pages to write on but if you're like me you'll need more.
  2. Snacks:  During the conference, there was coffee, tea, and water but if you get hungry before lunch or dinner and didn't have time for breakfast it's always a good idea to pack a granola bar, fruit or trail mix.  
  3. SeneBlue Attire:  Many girls wore the Seneblue and Animal Print in Cheetah / Leopard.  It's business casual during the conference.  Wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair of flip-flops or foldable shoes in your bag to throw on after the conference.
  4. Phone charger & apps:  Leaders is not streamed so if you want to go live or tape the event you'll need to have an external charger on you.  There is no access to outlets unless you sit or stand close to the wall.  Snag yourself an external charger it's always nice to have one.  Also any apps that you may use to create graphics etc is always nice to have to create quotes and key information to share with your team. 
  5. Lightweight Sweater - In case it gets cold you'll want to bring this with you.
  6. Airborne - With everyone traveling and there being so many at the conference you want to protect yourself from any sicknesses floating around.
  7. Your confidence - Comparison is the thief of joy, so go in there knowing that you are IT, girlfriend.

SeneBlue Attire and Accessories You May Need


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