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December Updates On Mom Life, Obsessions & More

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Hey there !  Is everyone ready for New Years?  This is probably the 3rd or 4th New Years I've been sick for or one of the kids has been.  We're always in and out during Christmas running around and it never fails.  The kids are on vacation too so it's tough to do any of the fun things I had planned.

I've been stuck in bed for the past few days thinking about my goals for the New Year!  I thought there's always so much pressure to stay focused the first few months of the year that my goal this year is just to enjoy life and slow down to enjoy my family.  I thought it would be fun to keep you updated on what I've been working on, my obsessions, what I've been eating, watching, buying, celebrating & visiting!

What I'm working on :  Currently I'm working on tuning up my blog and trying to stay up to date on all the fresh trends for you mamas.  I currently own 1108 Boutique and started a blog to share my ideas with you as a mom, wife and lover of all things fancy.  It's tough juggling being a stay at home mom, owner of an online boutique and keeping up with useful blog post.  Balance is key 🔑.

My Obsessions: Makeup makeup and more makeup !  I'm apart of the MorpheMe brush subscription and have makeup brushes for days but believe me they all have their uses!  Lately, I've been obsessed with getting ready everyday to make me feel better about myself.  Don't get me wrong sometimes a mom bun and sweats are in order.  I've also been obsessing about my hair.  I go back and forth about cutting it shorter because my hair let's be honest is pretty frizzy and sometimes unmanageable!  Recently, I came across Gloss And Toss Hair Serum that I'm so loving right now.  It's doesn't leave a build up or greasy feeling where everything is sticking to it.  Seriously speeds up blow dry time, fights frizz, controls those dry ends and adds shine.

What I've been eating: Oh man, everything!  We had Christmas Eve here at my house so the left overs have been sitting here including my grandmother's bomb flan!

What I've been watching: Seriously, I don't watch too much TV unless the kids are asleep and it's on OnDemand or DVR.  But since I've been sick I've literally caught up on Fixer Upper, The Riveras, and Ghost Adventurers !  Reality junkie up over here !

What I've been buying:  Obviously, Christmas Shopping but I'm also trying to decorate my new house.  We have way more room and needed some accent furniture so I turned to Wayfair !  I'm literally on and off the app all day !  They have some awesome deals!  So far, we have a new dining set, accent rugs, and a outdoor shed to clean out the garage so we can finally turn it into a gym!

Celebrating:   This coming month is my daughter Valentina's 5th Birthday and I can't wait to celebrate with our family and friends !  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  She has grown into a funny, bossy little sassy girl that no matter how much she test my patience I couldn't see my life without her.  My birthday is also in January and I'll be turning 21 (plus some lol) !

Visiting:  We'll be spending a few days in the snow in Lake Tahoe!  I love taking the kids to the snow and seeing them smile!  It's one of my favorite places to vacation even though it's only 3 hours from us.  We try to go a few times a year but to be honest I love the Summer time better.  I can only deal with the snow for so many days!

I'll be updating you at the end of each month with updates if there's anything in particular you'd like me to share about please drop a comment below and also let me know what you've been watching, buying, obsessing over, celebrating and where you're visiting below !

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  1. Great items! Especially the planner and those pyrex with lids! I have them and LOVE them!


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