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How I Make Extra Cash with POSHMARK

As most of you know, I'm in the process of moving.  Over the last few weeks I've nearly cleaned my closet, my 3 kids and part of my husbands.  Who knew we had so many things that no longer fit us or still had tags on it!  This past year I have religiously used the Poshmark App.  It's been an amazing tool to sell purses that sit in my closet collecting dust, clothing with or without tags that's just taking up space, and accessories that I no longer wear!  And, the cool part is they just started accepting Kids and Mens items !  

If your ready to make some extra dollars selling items you no longer want or need create your free account today and receive $5 credit when you use my referral code.  Poshmark is a fun way to buy and sell clothing with piece of mind.  No more garage sales that take too much time!!!  Free up your weekends and post items to sale on your own time.

Shop from hundreds of thousands of Boutiques and Closets for new and gently used fashion at prices up to 70 percent off retail – all from your smartphone or on the web. List an item for sale in less than 60 seconds with the free iPhone, iPad, or Android app.  

$5 Referral CODE :  BAVKN

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  1. Wow! I'd seen friends post about postmark but didn't realize it was resell site. I need to jump on this ship! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just added some things to the app recently. I haven't sold anything yet but I'm hoping to soon!

  3. Awesome! Do the purse brands have to be specific brands?? Same with clothing, do they require specific brands?

  4. I love Poshmark. I'm always recommending it to people who want to make some extra money out of their closet and save on gently used clothes!

  5. What a great idea for getting some extra cash. I really need to get rid of some things in my closet. x

  6. This is great to hear that you are successful with it. Can you sell any brand?!?

  7. I've just started looking at Poshmark since they just bought out Totspot and offer kids clothes now. Is the shipping easy to manage? Do you get good customers?


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