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Collaborate with us ! We're searching for Brand Reps/Enthusiast

I love collaborating with all types of influencers! If you're a vlogger, photographer, small shop owner (non-apparel), Instagram influencer, or blogger I want to work with you! I also have a limited spots for Brand Enthusiast that will receive a 30% discount code.

I am so excited at the possibility of working together.  We offer 2 types of reps.  If you're a Vlogger, Blogger or Instagram Influencer with 20k or more followers we will send you free items.  You are responsible for sending over clear photos in good lighting and capturing close ups as well as full body shots of the the apparel.  You will also be required to post on your social platforms within a timely manner.  I would also like that you email all the photos you have taken so that we can utilize and re-post.

If you are a mama, auntie or sassy girl the other option a brand enthusiast.  You must take clear photos in good lighting.  I would like you to capture close ups and full body candid shots.  The term is for 3 months and within that time you will be required to purchase 3 items with a 30% discount.  You will receive your code once you are chosen.  I ask that you send over 3-5 photos per item again naturally styled in good lighting.  

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of please take the time to fill out this application and submit 3-4 photos representing the type of photos you will be sending our way.  You can email the photos to and click here to apply 

If you would like to send over items from your shop to collaborate please send an email to .  We love supporting other small businesses and helping spread the word through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, and any other social platforms we have.  Your items will be utilized for our flatlays and photo shoots.  Your business will be tagged and mentioned whenever we post it.  


Rochelle - Fancy Momma

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