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Behind the Brand

I really don't like posting about myself but I do think it is very important to get to know the person behind the brand.

I started the boutique back in February 2012 with a vision of providing every accessory lover with a variety of high quality jewels at guilt free prices.  I had just had my daughter Valentina who was really the inspiration behind Fancy Momma.  I think after having my 2 boys Victor and Santino it was no longer about boy things everything became about PINK and Sparkle.

I have an amazing husband Victor who is very supportive and keeps me grounded.  We started dating when we were in Junior High on November 08, 1993 and have been together ever since.  This is where I got the name of my boutique from.  I wanted something that had meaning to me so I named it 1108 Boutique.  Cute, huh?  My husband and I have now been together a total of 23 years and married for 13 of the 23 years.

I really hope that you all are loving everything I put my heart and soul into.  I'm working hard to build this brand and could not do it without any of you.  Thank you for helping me live out my dream.

Facts about me

* Coffee Addict
* Shoe Lover
* Sweets are my jam
* Workaholic


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