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Happy Sunday!  Today is usually the day that I prepare for the week ahead prepping lunches, school clothes, schedules, work, grocery shopping and the list never ends.  With 3 kids it does become difficult to take time for myself.  My new perspective this year was to take more time to take care of myself especially my beauty routine.

Mary Kay's TimeWise system helps me cleanse, exfoliate, and refresh my skin.  One of my favorite things to do is take 15-20 minutes to myself and put on a mask.  My skin feels so amazing after and much brighter, radiant, and smoother.  I will admit I'm the mom who sometimes falls asleep with her makeup on but now that I have the Cleanser and Oil Free Makeup Remover it makes it a breeze.  As I hit my 30's I really felt the need to take care of my skin especially to keep it looking moisturized and youthful !

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